_lámpsi̱ magikí̱ [magic glint]^

elastic rose skirt 98.00€
nail skirt 98.00
dress 118.00€

oversize t-shirt 118.00€
cyber skirt 64.00€
body 59.00€
~wipe your myksa~

those are some of the clothes i like from glint shop, 
 //love  the printed skirts and the free size t-shirts and i shall not lie, i want those shoes//
 ohh fuck i need some money ....

_ekeí sta péra méri̱^[somewhere away]

 ~danai wear: all aldiladi
 ~Terpsichori wear: Zara, strιped trouser, aldiladi shirt and jacket

~Angeliki wear Margela for H&M body, Aldiladi flower bag and jean, Jeffrey Cambell shoes

~wipe your myksa~
a moon, four girls, many bridges and a lot of style-->a classic girls night out in Florence's


~wipe your mykσa~

well if I was a shoe designer probably i will be Sophia Webster, I mean come on.... look at her shoes! Can I have  it all? No, but as my friend Maro says "how give a damn girl?"

•••visit her web site 
and find out more -fucking good- shoes of her


[Kairós férnei ta láchana kairós tα Parapoúli̱α]*_

Terpsichori wears~aldiladi jacket-zara pants&shirt-myksa picking style

 Fotini wears~aldiladi jacket, pieaces shirt, Zara lecklαce

Fotini wears~ aldilad hat-vero moda shirt&skirt-SakisRouvas jacket~

Angeliki wears~aldiladi blouze&army trouser-Zara blazer-H&M,shoes

~wipe your myksa~
 Florence style report->3 mentaly_ζε stylisth bitches 

*[Kairós férnei ta láchana kairós tα Parapoúli̱α]_(proverb) weather brings sprouts, the weather parapoulia :  everything happens at the right time